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Carli Lloyd



7:00 PM

Pacific Time (US and Canada)



Training your mind is just as important as training your body because you are constantly working to be the best version of yourself.


For the next few weeks, we will be implementing mental workouts from Juliann Johnson’s book recommendation “10 Minute Toughness” by Jason Selk. The fourth chapter is called “The Identity Statement” and it explains how to approach creating an Identity Statement and how you can use it to increase your ability and develop a potent self-image. 


Read Chapter 4 of “10 Minute Toughness” and write down your Identity Statement



As a college-bound student-athlete, YOU are responsible for your eligibility. That means planning ahead, taking your school work seriously, and protecting your amateaur status.


Make a list of your top 5 college schools that you would like to attend and research the following items for each school:


  • Location (City & State)

  • School Division (Junior College, NAIA, DI, DII,DIII)

  • Size of School

  • Cost to Attend

  • # of Athletes on Volleyball Roster

  • 1 Interesting Fact about Volleyball Head Coach

  • 1 Interesting Fact about Volleyball Assistant Coach(es)

  • List at least 1 Major you’re interested in pursuing at this school



Athletic performance pushes your body to the edge and progress is accomplished by progressively stressing your body and allowing it to recover. Proper nutrition plays a significant role in performance, stamina, managing diseases, and gaining a competitive edge to foster career longevity.


Write one health and wellness SMART goal that you would like to set for this summer. A SMART goal is one that is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound. For example, if you would like to work on your sleep, a SMART goal would be: I would like to improve my sleep so I will sleep for at least 8 hours every night, put my phone away 1 hour before bedtime, and I will stretch before going to bed. Create a SMART health and wellness goal for the summer and work everyday to make sure you’re preparing to be the best you can be!


Pay It Forward is an act of selfless love to our community to spread love and joy! We can all be doing our part everyday to bring positive change to the world and inspire connectedness and support. Please participate in our Pay It Forward challenges to be a part of something bigger than ourselves!


Pay It Forward to NATURE this week and every week! Do one thing that can help change your perspective about nature and an action that supports it. Decide to compost more, learn how to garden, clean up trash on a hike or beach walk, change your eating habits, reduce your plastic use, and/or support a local cause that protects animals or the environment. Create a goal for yourself to support nature so we can contribute to living in a healthier and more compassionate world!