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Dear Encore Athletes and Families, 


As we close the chapter on a season that none of us could have ever imagined, we want to thank all of you for showing up. We have wrapped up 10 weeks of Encore Remote Learning (ERL), and have had 10 incredible episodes on Season 1 of our Blue Banner Narrative (BBN). Our incredible BBN guests included: Nicole Davis, Kathryn Plummer, Morgan Hentz, Karch Kiraly, Encore Alumni (Jennifer Petrovich, Kyra Holt, Phoebe Grunt, Ali Spindt, and Lucy Tashman), Juliann Johnson (Faucette), Kawika and Erik Shoji, Encore 17s & 18s Student-Athletes (Millie Muir, Kirra Kellerman, Elise Agi, Mia Cha, Paige Bensing), Alohi Robins-Hardy & Coach Damien Hardy, and Carli Lloyd. We are honored and blessed to have the volleyball community pull together through these challenging times and provide student-athletes an outlet of learning, evolving, and hopefully some stability. Their insight for both the game we love as well as the insight of life lessons is greatly appreciated. 


As one chapter closes, we begin a new chapter, Returning To Train. We are looking to repair lost time throughout the season and provide more stability bringing our athletes back into the facility. We're taking a very conservative approach and will be waving specific age groups back into the facility week over week. More detailed information will be forthcoming in the coming weeks.

We thank you all for your feedback, your encouraging testimonials, and supporting our student-athletes along their ERL and Blue Banner Narrative journey. We’ve provided below a comprehensive library of videos from our 10-Week Encore Remote Learning program to help our student-athletes stay active and engaged during this time of transition.


Let's embrace the change together and get back to training! 



Encore Leadership


Setting Drill 6
Setting Drill 5