COVID-19 STATEMENT | Encore Volleyball

Dearest Encore Families,  

We’d like to start this message by first saying thank you for your patience and support during this time. Since our last communication, there has been a wave of new information that we are digesting so that we can be proactive in our decision-making moving forward. And, due to  the recent developments in our county and the greater Bay Area, Encore will be extending our temporary campus closure for our athletes with a newly estimated resumption of practice beginning on Wednesday, April 8th.

We truly feel it’s too soon to make statement judgments and decisions regarding the season. In our mind, our season is on hold until we hear otherwise. As we hear more from USA Volleyball, NCVA and the sanctioned tournaments we signed up for, we will keep you in the loop. As of now, with the Bay Area ‘shelter in place’ mandate, we wish you all a restful and healthy moment of pause. A great time to realize how grateful we are. We will continue to send communication and keep you updated with the season. 

That being said, your coaches and the leadership team are at the disposal of your daughters/our athletes and are accessible during this time. We are creating a variety of opportunities for our teams that include: activated workouts, video content, recruiting tips, at home ball control drills, and live evaluation meetings via phone with your coaches.

On Monday, March 23, in lieu of the resumption of practice we will be launching a dedicated page at for our athletes to utilize as a resource to stay active both mentally and physically (we will send you a direct link once it is live). Our primary goal in all of this is to provide some insight into the steps that we’re taking to help your daughter’s master the Art of Time. Small changes add up so we will work to provide resources for your daughters to stay endlessly curious. We will encourage them to look for opportunities to learn and improve, because a slight change in their path today will lead to massively different outcomes down the road. 

“A great team is marked by its resilience, its kindness and compassion, its ability to unify and rise above any challenge. This community is our team. We are all in this together” - Stanford


Encore Leadership Team

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