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LEMO Activated Sports Performance is hosting a pair of 1-Day Clinics


Vertical Training
1-Day Vertical Clinic to help our jumping athletes not only equip themselves with the proper mechanics to jump higher, but more importantly, land safely. Topics that will be covered will include: multi-directional (lateral, linear, and rotational) jumping and landing, explosive plyometrics, jumping and landing with resistance, and more!


Speed & Agility Training

1-Day Speed & Agility Clinic this winter to help athletes sprint into their spring season. Topics covered will include proper sprinting mechanics, an acceleration series, top end speed fundamentals, and more!


Activated Training Clinics - Vertical & Speed/Agility

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Encore Volleyball Leadership

2017-2018 CLUB SEASON



ENCORE’s mission is to develop leaders through the sport of volleyball.

To achieve this, we instill core values and our experienced coaches provide focused instruction to help you develop your physical skills and mental IQ in a supportive, team-nurturing environment.

At ENCORE our goal is to help you become a complete player, a great teammate and a leader on and off the court. Some athletes will achieve the highest levels of the game, but we strive to help ALL individuals reach their potential and become strong, confident young athletes.

Philosophy of ENCORE: We are all students of the game with the intent of developing a well rounded student-athletes both on and off the court.  As the leadership team, we pledge to support and educate our coaches, foster the family driven atmosphere, and provide the most competitive gym in the bay area.


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2575 E Bayshore Rd, Redwood City


Encore Volleyball
2575 East Bayshore Road
Redwood City, CA 94063