Updated: Apr 24, 2019

For over 25 weeks, Encore teams have been in the Activated Performance Lab getting better at footwork, speed & agility and overall athletic fitness. Last week however, the focus shifted to another important and vital part of athletic knowledge... what to put on the plate! It's time to dive into nutrition and understand what kind of fuel young athletes need to succeed at the highest level.

What Happened

Pizza... Pizza happened. For the entire week, Encore teams got to experience and understand some of the ingredients put into the world's favorite food. With help from Haka Bros and the LEMO Activated staff, Encore players literally had to sweat for their food before they could even cook it! Completing footwork, speed, agility and conditioning exercises to unlock antioxidant-filled and vitamin-rich food for their teammates during the "Cookout". These players hustled to complete their nutrient-dense 'za. MasterChef? Here they come!

The Challenge

How can we make something that tastes so good... healthy, too?

Pre-Cookout (Pre-Prepared & Ready for Action)

Cookout (The Competition)

Choice of:

Post-Cookout (The Finishing Touch)

The Results!

What We Learned...

It's not always about the calories! Doughy foods, like pizza, are going to be calorie dense regardless of the ingredients. When looking at a menu, or cooking something from scratch, start looking for ingredients that are heavy in nutrients like antioxidants, vitamins, essential fats & proteins. To reduce inflammation (swelling) in the joints and muscles, pick toppings like Pineapple, Arugula, Mushrooms, Olives, Basil. Don't forget! Be conscious of dough options. If you feel a bit tired after eating bread or pasta, look for Gluten-Free Dough or a dough-base made from cauliflower to help reduce painful swelling. Last but not least, buy and support ingredients that are locally sourced, non-GMO & organic. Stay active, pick nutrient dense ingredients and don't feel bad ordering that pizza... once in a while.

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